Current Exhibition: Fragments of the Acceleration by Brandon Bauer


Visit the galleries before Feb. 21 to see Fragments of the Acceleration, a project that makes use of photography, digital design, and video to craft a thought-provoking investigation into the “Great Acceleration,” the exponential increase in human activity in recent decades and its impact on the environment, particularly since the development of nuclear weapons. Composed of work from Professor Bauer’s sabbatical last year, this exhibit offers a strong portrayal of the intensity and urgency of the climate crisis.

Above: A section of a timeline that shows the development of climate science and major events relating to the discovery and response to growing climate issues.

In the Godschlax Gallery, In Our Hands, offers a continuation of the discussion on climate change. Each picture conveys one line of text alongside powerful images of the environment and industrialization. Read left to right, they reveal a strong message and a call to action – “Our fate is in our hands.”


Be sure not to miss a couple of exciting events related to this exhibition! Come and hear the 2019-20 Killeen Fellows, Brandon Bauer, Angel Saavedra, and Wendy Scattergood present “Consensus, Civility, and Polarization in the Climate Change Debate,” a panel discussion on the tensions of scientific and political debate surrounding climate change. This presentation, which is sponsored by the Killeen Chair, St. Norbert College, will be held in Bush Art Center 130 on Feb. 6 from 5-6. Afterwards, a reception for the exhibition will be held in the galleries on Feb. 6 from 6-7:30.

Fragments of the Acceleration runs Jan. 27 – Feb. 21 in the Baer and Godschalx Galleries.